In our day, more than ever, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to deliver concrete customer benefits in order to succeed in such a fierce competitive environment. Generating and managing value spans across the entire internal & external value chain and involves Network, Services and Customers.

Since technology is key when creating solutions, Proxwel is offering an overall support to step away and look at our customers’ needs independent of technology before identifying the most appropriate technologies to create a solution set enabling them to follow the Digital Transformation era.


Proxwel achieves superior results in Your OSS/BSS implementation thanks its specialized consultants who have broad and deep knowledge and extensive implementation and deployment experience which ensure that the business requirements are translated into technical requirements.


Our services ensure then leveraging the deployment of solutions based on heterogeneous off the shelf partner portfolio and leveraging industry eTOM and ITIL best practices.

Thanks to our experienced knowledge of the client’s business needs, our interoperability Integration Expertise with an adjunct eTOM and different vendor technologies, and our experience in building integrated solutions based on best-in-class products. Based on a deep expertise in VAS IN domain with successful implementation in VAS Consolidation, Charging Convergence, API Management, etc, we strongly believe in creating a sustainable solution that is supportable and survivable over a long time.

Proxwel has developed a complete range of services and capabilities which include :