Big Data / Analytics

Proxwel Consulting Services’ experienced data scientists and customer intelligence consultants can help you successfully implement your solutions, maximize the value of your investment, and turn your data into insights and value. We deliver strategic, functional, technical and implementation consulting services while offering an iterative and pragmatic approach to improve Big Data management, business analytics and multi-channel campaign management.

Proxwel specializes in selecting, analyzing, re-structuring and extracting insights from the data and presenting it in the form of a clear, visually compelling story and easy to understand reports so that you can clearly see the value generated from the business insights. We can help you assess the value of data, focus on the right elements, and apply industry-specific business process know-how to generate insights that can drive value to your business.

would-you-like-to-start-your-first-big-data-initiative Would you like to start your first Big Data initiative, but you are not sure what to do and how to create value for your organization? You don’t have a clear picture of investment and resources you need to secure and what benefits you can expect? You would like to protect your existing investment in IT infrastructure? Our unique Big Data Readiness Assessment package, based on our Information in Action methodology, will help you to move in the right direction fast and efficient, by identifying most lucrative use cases for your business and optimal architecture, technologies and models of implementation, where you will be able to find and use the hidden value of your data in shortest possible timeframe.

Are you faced with a lack of resources for your Big Data implementation? Do you need more Data Scientists mastering R and Hadoop developers? We have a pool of experts experienced in different areas of Big Data implementations, data streaming and collection, data transformation and integration, columnar and in-memory databases including SAP HANA and HPE vertica, to semantic analysis using Knime, R and visualizations using different various front end platforms.